Saturday, August 15, 2009

Straight from the movies

Since breaking up with Shane I've been much happier, and have found myself freer to experience life, including dating. I've now been on two dates since the end of my previous relationship. It's been good to get out and meet new people. Well, one new. Tonight's date was with a man I've known for roughly 2 years, but haven't seen in nearly a year. It was an amazing night. Most definitely the most fun I've ever had on a date. He did everything a man is supposed to do on a date. He planned it, and prepared for it, he picked me up, he opened doors (including the truck door), he paid, and best yet, he paid attention. We spent 4 and a half hours together, with nearly constant conversation. And the conversation varied, from funny, to serious, no subject was untouchable. We laughed so much together, happily playing off each other's remarks and quirks. When he brought me home we ended up hugging three times before he walked out the door, the last included a kiss on my cheek. But what happened next was like a scene straight out of a movie. I was in the doorway, watching him walk to his truck, exhorting him to drive home safely, when he stopped and asked how he should get out from where he was, where to go to get back to the freeway. I started to explain, stepping outside so as to not feel like I was yelling. As I was explaining, he was walking towards me, with purpose. Then he was right in front of me, all of a sudden grabbing me and kissing me. Imagine a movie scene where the guy just grabs and kisses the girl. Yea, that's just what it was like. Intense, as though if he didn't kiss me then, he was never going to. When he pulled away he told me he didn't hear a word I'd said, and would figure it out. I could only laugh and say ok. And as we were walking away from each other, I had to admit, he'd made a very smooth move. My knees are still weak, and my head is still spinning. I never thought that kind of thing happened in real life. I guess I was wrong.