Wednesday, May 11, 2011


To the woman who yelled at me from her car window that where I was crossing the street was not a crosswalk, I have this to say. Technically, no, there is not a crosswalk at that section of the street. Minus that, when another vehicle is stopped in a lane of traffic, with no blinker, they have clearly paused to courteously allow a pedestrian, who now has the right of way, to cross the street, as it is a crossing point, being at an intersection and all. So don't get so indignant when I give you a shocked look of disbelief as I stop up short because you had not considered slowing down or stopping until you saw me stepping out from in front of another stopped vehicle in the road. Pardon me for taking advantage of a generous & courteous Seattlite, who so graciously stopped to allow myself & another individual cross what is normally a very busy street. It delayed you maybe 5 seconds. That's enough time for another sip of coffee, or two, that you could have taken...or perhaps a chill pill!

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