Monday, January 21, 2008

My List

A man who is/has.....
1) Teachable in God's word and ready to take up Christ's attributes.
2) Willing to teach.
3) Continually hungry for God & constantly seeks His will.
4) Willing to cry out in the presence of God & others.
5) Not afraid to just cry.
6) Humble before the Lord.
7) Someone I can follow, not afraid to lead, & I'm willing to be wrong with in following.
8) The same love for me as my father has for my mother.
9) Willing to stick by me in my decision to not kiss until the altar.
10) A gentleman in that he lets me go first in a line, opens doors for me (including car doors), etc.
11) Encouraging to me in my walk with the Lord and points me towards Christ.
12) Continually encouraging & challenging me to get into God's word.
13) A great love for his family.
14) Open & honest about his feelings & willing to share them with me.
15) Someone I can trust to share my fears and feelings with.
16) Somewhat athletic & is willing to either play/watch sports with me.
17) Thinks I'm beautfiul and tells me so as often as he can.

Right now, number 9 is still a work in progress. There have been things in recent days that have changed this choice, yet not. I've changed it, as in, broke that bargain, and am not sure if it's something I still need to hold on to. Only time will tell.

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