Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm beginning this blog solely for me. I've no intention of sharing it's creation with others, but if others happen to find me, so be it. I realize that nothing on the internet is truly safe from the eyes of those who seek, but here I make no apologies and will hide nothing. All of my emotions, pains, questions and rantings will be displayed here, for the world to see. At this point, I care not about the scorn nor the offense of others. This is MY blog, and if you take offense, then do not read it. Anything written here is purely conjecture and opinion, hardly ever fact, but very often truth. Although, I must distinguish that I hold a difference between fact and truth. What I hold to be true does not make it fact, although many facts are in reality truth. I believe there are absolutes and will not apologize for that, but will very often write in light of these absolutes. I also know there are grey areas of life, and may write in a way to try to bring those greys into distinctive black or white. Again, conjecture and opinion.

Welcome to my world.

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